Monday, April 12, 2010

How Close We Came To Another Terrorist Attack On New York City

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NEW YORK - New details are emerging about the attempt in September to attack the subway system in New York City.

The plan was to blow up several trains on or near the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

According to the New York Daily News, suicide bombers were going to position themselves on packed trains and blow themselves up. They were going to target the Grand Central and Times Square stations - the busiest in the city.

I remember being shocked as a young man when I traveled to Mexico and saw armed guards carrying semi-automatic weapons outside banks. And saddened that, when I traveled to Israel, it was so necessary to subject myself to intense security measures each time I entered  sensitive buildings.

Now, we see similar images throughout New York - especially at transportation hubs. Police officers and national guardsmen patrolling - some carrying semiautomatic weapons - others with explosives sniffing dogs at their sides.

There are those who would minimize the threat terrorists pose to the homeland. They feel the government and law enforcement are overreacting. After all, they argue, there's been no attack since 2001!

But the reason there's been no attack  is that the intelligence community and law enforcement are working hard to prevent them.

This alleged planned  September subway attack is not the only one that has been thwarted. Some have resulted in charges and have been reported in the news media. Others, I have been told, remain under the public radar.

People are quick to criticize the security measures. I too, value my civil liberties, and bemoan the post-9/11 enhanced security procedures that are in place. But I promise you - if one of these planned attacks had been successful - there would have been far more criticism over the failure of the security measures to protect us than there are now of their successes.


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Jac said...

Same story every time, in situations like this you're damned you do and damned if you don't. Prevention is always better than cure, but it only seems to be people who are actually caught up in an attack that realise it. Apparently those perched up in the ivory tower don't like the blimp of reality affecting their views.... Unfortunately the masses need to hear more stories like this one to understand WHY those measures are being taken.
Maybe they could pass on some local surveillance tips to MI5, they see bombs coming from thousands of miles away, but don't see one pulling up in a taxi outside their door in Belfast.

Anonymous said...

9/2009 NYC/Colorado plot to blow up NYC Subway system, 24 suspected, including Ahmad Wais Afzali NYC funeral home director/ Islamic imam.
9/2009 Miami Islamic Group Plots to blow up Chicago, Illinois Sears Tower. Narseal Batiste 32, leader of "Seas of David" who said he wanted to "kill all the devils that we can,"told the FBI informant and set our muslim brothers free.
9/2009 Texas, Islamic plot to blow up Fountain Place, a 60 story Dallas skyscraper. Leader Hosam Maher Husein Smadi "Victory is coming, is coming to defeat the Romans [i.e., Christians] and for the destruction of the Jews. Allah is Most Great. We shall attack them in their very homes."
9/2009 Islamic Plot to blow up Springfield, Illinois Paul Findley Federal Building. Convert Talib Islam tried to use a mobile phone to remotely detonate the bomb.

There have been no countries that Islamics grew in that they live with others in peace.

Talk about so called "moderates" does nothing. If they dont eventually agree with pure Islam when open jihad comes at 20% or so, they too are subsumed.

RICESKI said...

Yeah - some would say - the muslim terrorist in Oklahoma City at the Sooners Football game was a lie - well it isn't. Some would say the Ft. Hood incident is fake - well it isn't. Get real not all Jihad goes boom. These terrorist are murdering people every day - in hospitals - home invasion - brazen murders for fun in every county in America. I think it is time to consider this president a liar - cheat and impeach.