Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York Boneheads

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NEW YORK - The lead story in today's New York Post, "Jump Dummy!' is about an art exhibit which placed bronze statues on building ledges and roofs. The one on a ledge of the Empire State Building is so realistic looking from street level that people are dialing 911 to report a jumper. The cops are rushing to the building unnecessarily. Worse, some cops aren't rushing - which means that if there's a real jumper before this exhibit ends they may not get there in time.

"Boneheaded" is how the Post describes it. But more boneheaded is another story, headlined "School Revenge". that appears on page seven.

Seems things are so bad at the Paul Robeson High School in Brooklyn that a brave student spoke out earlier this week to the Post. Complaining that sex in the staircases is a common practice. And that security guards and teachers are too lazy to do anything about that - or other transgressions going on in the school.

But instead of addressing the problems that put students at risk - the school has rallied against the whistle blower Alisha Strawder. Her mother tells the Post that she's been told by the school's acting interim principal that they can't assure her protection from enraged students and staff who are upset over her spilling the beans to the newspaper.

Alisha is being offered a transfer to another school. Her mother, Kasyra Strawder, told the Post that she told the principal, Simone Grey, "you're telling me ... your staff members want to attack her because she told the truth?"

Of the many unbelievable stories in New York, this one make take the cake.

By the way, the reason Roberson has an "acting interim principal" is because the "permanent" principal was removed for, among other things, boozing on the job.

The problematic school has been slated for closure. But the teacher's union has been fighting to keep it open.


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BeautifullMess said...

Being from NY I am sad to say that none of this is even shocking to me anymore. The horror stories I hear about what goes on in public schools today is one of the main reasons I have chosen to home school my daughter. Teachers are so underpaid, and schools are so desperate it seems to just get someone who can get along with the kids anymore, that theyll hire anyone to work for them. I remember when schools used to be a safe haven for kids, to keep them away from all the bad stuff, now it seems like anytime you send your kid on the bus you have to worry about them having sex IN school, doing drugs IN school, having sex with teachers FROM school, being shot outside of school. Its sad that this is whats becoming of our country.

As far as the "art exhibit" with the statues posing to look like jumpers, I just find that incredibly insensitive. When 9/11 happened that was a reality of what was seen on top of those buildings, people leaping from them to their death so that they wouldnt suffer. That "art" is nothing more than a harsh reminder of what was lost on that day. Shame on whoever allowed it to happen.

Zack263 said...

Let the kids start studing a career path earlier rather then pushing them
through 12th grade with no direciton.

Herrien said...
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