Monday, April 19, 2010

News Talk Online April 19, 2010: A Rise In Extremism Or Healthy Political Rhetoric?

There are those who believe that the heated political debate that is taking shape in the United States and elsewhere is leading to extremism - possibly domestic terrorist attacks. But others believe that it's just healthy political rhetoric.

This issue was explored extensively on today's News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

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Anonymous said...

A few hours after your show dealing with heated rhetoric leading to more substantial actions I tuned in to the Rachel Maddow show. As you know her show highlighted interviews with the late and unlamented Timothy McVeigh. During part of the show reproductions were shown. In one of the reproductions McVeigh was lying on his army cot reading THE TURNER DIARIES. I've been told that this book deals with a White Power group dissatisfied with the government. They express their anger by killing blacks and Jews, as a way of taking back their government.

The Tea Party crowd's constant refrain is "we want to take back our government." I ask, from whom???? Do they mean from a BLACK president????

This is not healthy debate. This is the making of other McVeighs.