Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Paltalk News Network Call For Citizen Journalists

The Paltalk News Network is soliciting citizen journalists to offer varying perspectives from across the globe. We believe the exchange of ideas and reporting of events and issues from around the world increases understandings between people.

To become a Paltalk News Network citizen journalist, please write me at Include your email address and your byline.

You may use a nickname as your byline, but for consideration for promotion to the front page, use your real name as your byline.

We will reply with your unique url and password so you can start contributing immediately!

We're also looking for people who believe they have the Right Stuff to become a show host on the Paltalk News Network.

If so, send an mp3 sample of your work to for consideration.

Also include a synopsis of what your show would be about, the preferred date and time you'd like to be on, and a little bit about yourself.

You'll need a webcam and a headset/mic and an account on Paltalk as well.

If we think you really do have the Right Stuff, we'll get back to you to set you up with a show.



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