Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poll: Americans Down On Politics

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I've been saying it for sometime now. The political discourse in this nation has hit new lows. The partisan infighting and bickering is out-of-control. It's enough to turn you off to politics.

Apparently it has.

A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds that Americans are fed up with what has become politics as usual in this nation.

And why wouldn't they be?

Republicans position themselves on issues in a way to get advantage over Democrats.

Democrats position themselves - likewise - to try to get a bead on Republicans.

The era of voting based on what's best for the nation - as opposed to what's best for the party - is gone.

And Americans have had it.

Not to say that all the genesis for all these frustrations can be found with the politicians. The news media, the political pundits and some groups of political activists are to blame as well.

Scare tactics and outright lies add to the angst of the citizenry.

Adding items to bills that have nothing to do with the legislation - in order to discredit those who vote for - or against it - also contributes to the public's distrust of the system.

This is not just hurting the two major political parities. It is damaging - as well - to the governmental process.

And it's dangerous as well.

Some of the rhetoric is enough to scare unstable people into regrettable action. If that happens, none of those who set the tone will accept responsibility,  Instead, they will react with words of shock and dismay.

But they know. The surely must know that they are contributing to this collective mental illness. And it is a mental illness when people are motivated to spit on members of Congress, shout epitaphs at them, shoot out campaign windows, accost their family members on the street, and plan attacks on members of law enforcement.

I'm not saying that the politicians and pundits are calling for any of the above. I'm just suggesting that they know that this is a toxic atmosphere that's not good for the nation.

If they didn't know yesterday - they certainly know today after reading the poll.


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