Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day Thoughts On Protecting The Children

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It's Easter, and in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI is being heralded as an "unfailing leader" - and the criticism of his failure - as a Vatican cardinal to protect children from pedophile priests are being compared to anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, new allegations have arisn that then- Cardinal Ratzinger failed to act on pleas from a bishop who desperately wanted a priest accused of being a major risk to children removed.  

The other day I wrote about school officials in Massachusetts who failed to take action when a child was being bullied until it was too late: the girl committed suicide. I wrote about how everyone has a responsibility when a child is at risk. The same, obviously, goes for church officials.

The failure of the church to address these concerns about the pope's ignoring an Arizona's bishop's request to remove the priest sends a terrible message to both religious leaders and congregants. The use of the term "unfailing" to defend him, and dismissing the evidence as "gossip" does as well.

The Catholic Church is, by no means, the only institution where pedophilia has occurred. And publicity about inappropriate interaction between some priests and children has resulted in a new approach to the problem. It's more difficult now to sweep such allegations under the carpet. But that doesn't indemnify the pope from the criticism flowing his way.

Already there has been discussion about whether Benedict should resign. This circling of the wagons at the Vatican won't mute this discourse. Rather, it will cause it to grow louder. 


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Anonymous said...

I think children should be protected in all faiths and not have cover up from officials of officials who have dis honored and not respected children. I also believe all men in all faith should have the right to be married and chose marriage not dis honoring a child.

RICESKI said...

Not being Catholic I am distant from this thing - however I do not want pedophiles in positions of power period.
In America it is fine to have homosexual contact with children NAMBLA is the group leading the way. Even in the Military - some no many soldiers are under 21 - so now you have that - also you must hire gays in the church and all religions now.
What is going on?

Queen_Brat said...

Anyone who thinks that doing any such horrid actions to a child, whether it be bullying or molestation truly needs the rope and tightened. This is a despicable act in all manners of humanity. These victims deserve justice in the living form and not in the afterlife. Capitol punishment truly needs to return to the laws of the land. In instances like these a bullet would be cheaper.

Anonymous said...

This is Bullbreed replying

It is my feeling that no person should be above the law.

I do not care if it is a diplomat the pope or whom it is.

Any person in a management position who knowingly refuses to protect people from illegal abuse within their realm should be charged as an accessory and accomplice to the crime.

The pope is only a man whom is a chosen representative and should not be above the law.

Strange how some people make excuses because they think certain people are gods representatives.

I'm not religious but even I know the bible (new testament Part) says you will know false prophets by their deeds.

Failing to act is a deed in it's self and for you Christians remember what Christ said about harming even a hair on a child's head.

Happy easter and passover to all.

For me it's another family day.


Jenell said...

The fact that officials would cover up these horrible acts and sacrifice the innocence of children fora sick criminal is so completely and utterly wrong on so many levels.
I don't know how they can live with themselves with the injustice the put on the children and their families through. I remember when you had that teen that wrote a book on bullies on your show. Wonderful show. As adults we are responsible for the safety of children.

Anonymous said...

I am a female clergy abuse survivor. When I was 15 I attended the arch-diocese and worked after school in the rectory, I was raped by my priest who was also my youth group leader. I was scared and didn't know what to do and to make matters worse a little over a month later my pediatrician tells me I'm pregnant. I told the monsignor who treated me horribly I told the bishop who treated me like a liar. This bishop is now the prestigious cardinal in New York! I never received any type of help from the church. The priest who did this left the church but is now an elematry school teacher in New Jersey. As for me I had the baby and raised it. but it hasnt been easy. I became a teenage mom, my dreams were shattered, a life of mininum wage jobs. I learned to love my child after all it wasnt it's fault and now i dread the day when they realize they were conceived by rape. It hasn't been an easy life and suicide has always haunted me. I hope someone will do something to stop this. Lives are being shattered irrevocably.

Anonymous said...

There should be no coverup for these acts , no matter who has done this toward children that we all treasure. We are all responsible for this, when no action is taken toward the guilty. These acts . done by people who are trusted by all of us, make the crimes even worse. The mental trauma lasts a lifetime. Jamie_38