Saturday, April 3, 2010

The United States: A House Divided

A house divided against itself cannot stand Abraham Lincoln

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It's been this way for years. We've seen it during the last three presidential elections. The nation split along party lines. But usually after the elections, the partisan bickering subsides.

But not so during this presidency. The battleground now: the recently passed health reform bill.

It just passed. So now, the Republicans, who lost in their partisan attempt to block it, are trying to repeal it.

The debate over health reform divided the nation. But instead of the nation undergoing a healing process,  another divisive campaign is already underway.

A CNN poll finds that 47 percent of Americans agree with the Republicans that the bill should be repealed. The poll also finds that 50 percent of Americans don't. Clearly underscoring this divide.

It used to be that after legislation is fought over in Congress the winners toasted victory, the losers licked their wounds and regrouped to fight another day over another issue. Not this time. No sooner was the bill passed that a number of state attorneys general announced they were suing to challenge it. And now this - the very people who just lost the fight to to block the bill are beginning a new one to repeal it.

Of course, they know they lack the votes to do it. So they'll wait until after November - in the hope that the American people will throw out the Democrats who voted for it during the mid-term elections.

So the health reform debate will continue - at least until then. An issue decided - not decided at all. And the nation - still - a house divided.


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Lonesome Dove said...

A house divided... And do you wonder why? There is an arrogant person sitting in the White House who is a complete and utter stranger to the truth, has broken his oath to defend the Constitution. Probably because this so called "constitutional lawyer" is a stranger as well as an enemy to it. He talks trash, throwing out challenges to the American people and their elected representatives, sounding like a thug one day and tries to be a standup comedian the next. Yeah, he's presidential all right - NOT! Gee, one can only wonder why. And if the poll had been conducted by an agency other than CNN, in all liklihood numbers would have been even higher - on the repeal side.