Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Don't The New Homeland Security Rules Protect Me?

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The Department of Homeland Security is announcing new regulations that permit the profiling of passengers who are taking international flights into the United States. The rules follow the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a plane as it approached Detroit Metro Airport from Amsterdam. But if these new procedures truly will help better protect the flying public, why aren't they being put into effect domestically?

Perhaps had the underwear bomber gotten on in Anchorage or Atlanta instead of Amsterdam the new screening would be done here on U.S. soil. But since he didn't - the government feels compelled to only screen those getting on U.S.-bound planes originating overseas.

The new policy will be criticized by those who equate profiling with discrimination. It is discriminatory. But not in a bad sense.

The idea is to identify and further screen people who potentially pose a greater threat to air travel. Not to discriminate based on religion or national origin. Not if it's done correctly.

I want airport screeners to discriminate against those who are acting in a suspicious manner.

Here's a news flash. The border agents who ask questions before you enter the United States profile. They use their traning and instinct to determine who they will stop for further questioning in their quest to prevent contraband or those entering the country illegally from getting in.

Of course, this all pre-supposes that those doing the screening at airports have the same kind of training. But the point is this. If the government believes that enhanced screening better protects flights, why isn't it being done in the United States as well? All the planes that were used to attack us on 9/11 took off from U.S. airports.

Either the new screening procedures are effective and necessary. Or they're just window dressing. If the former - then those of use who fly domestically deserve the same protection. If the latter, they should be scrapped.


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Sab said...

first of all they dont get trained like police.they work as security guards like generak public, they the a post, police offers standard training certificate, i was a sheriff and know the diffrence,so what instincts can they have,i dont fly because of there rules,, and now since the russia attacks they will be hard on women unlike before, which they should cause now it dont have sex idenity to it,

RICESKI said...

Gary you speak what many think and we know it is out of our hands. Like many people I am in rush to ever fly again and this hurts the industry but this policy now protects these killers in the sky are too much for me.
I hope there is no increase in these sky killings but I am sure the homeland security policy of the Obama administration is meant to be advantageous to the terrorist. In my experience, anytime a man stays close to someone who opens states "God Damn America" like Obama is to Wright that man is a a traitor to all America stands for at her best.

sistersassy03 said...

Due to current domestic unrest by far right extremists, it would be in the best interest of the American people to place compulsory security preventions for domestic travel. The far right extremists have now become what they feared the most during the Bush administration. As a result, there are escalating incidences threatening the stability in the United States. As far as profiling is concerned, I consider it a necessary evil. America is under attack internationally and domestically. To close, there are many questions that come to mind. 1. How will they determine who to profile domestically and internationally?; 2. At what degree of training would security personnel receive? 3. With current national debt, how do we pay for this? Despite our dark season, America is strong, the fight continues, and we get stronger.

RICESKI said...

Sister sassy looks to be a product of the leftist extremist that put Osama [ the pet name given to him by T Kennedy -a Democrat and ultra-liberal] into office. A product of entitlement will never say 'make more jobs available - be real about the now proven false global warming school of thought and for God sake - stop entertaining the man who said GOD DAMN AMERICA at the White house. This guy Wright will get the President hurt by some disgruntled Louis Farrakhan follower whom Osama [ see above] .
also praises and worships
Sometimes people are so open minded their brains fall out. I am not a Republican but I can assure you this country is in the hands of a traitor now.

Gary Baumgarten said...

I just did a little research.

Rev. Wright WAS at the White House - for a prayer breakfast - hosted by then-Pres. Clinton - not Pres. Obama.

Wright has also been in Washington since Obama was elected but not to see the president.

RICESKI said...

The White House has been barraged with requests to release the names of its visitors. 'they released the first 500 visits, all from the period of Jan 20-July 31.' Some of the Names you can find on the list are Bill Ayers 2x, George Soros 4x, Michael Moore 8X, the head of the ACORN affiliated Union the SEIU Andrew Stern 20x,Jeremiah Wright, GE/NBC head Jeff Immelt 5x, Jesse Jackson 6x, John Edwards2x, Al Sharpton 2x, and of course television goddess Oprah Winfrey.

Strangely each party’s house leader Pelosi, and Boehner were only at the WH once. The Senate leadership weren’t there even once.

Look some more -- stop looking to cover Osama's [ T. Kennedy's pet name for the man in the White house] lies and deceit. Why would he not allow people to see the entire list? Because he is a liar and has a lot to hide. In My Opinion.

Gary Baumgarten said...

Not EXACTLY Riceski.

From YOUR source:

WASHINGTON - For one brief, shining moment, it looked like conspiracy theorists had found the mother lode on Friday as the White House released visitor logs with such names as William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Michael Moore.

But alas, they weren't that Ayers, Wright or Moore.

The people who actually came to the White House just had the same or similar names as 1960s terrorist bomber Ayers, controversial preacher Wright and leftist filmmaker Moore, said White House Special Counsel Norm Eisen.

Read more: