Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 More Arrests In Times Square Bombing Plot

FBI agent leaves Massachusetts house after raid

Paltalk News Network Homeland Security Correspondent

NEW YORK - Raids in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts have resulted  in the arrests of three people believed connected to the plot to detonate a car bomb in Times Square.

The three suspects are believed to be cash couriers - people who allegedly helped fund the attempted terrorist attack.

This is nothing new. For more than a decade, I have been advocating that the war on terrorism should include an assault on the funders of these attacks as well.

Since 1997 I have been advocating that the government should sue corporations and individuals who are funneling money into terrorist organizations.

The terrorists can't afford to fund these attacks on their own. They are sometimes using non-profit organizations - posing as charities - who launder the money and send it to them.

If you sue the individuals and organizations involved in raising the money you accomplish two things.

First, and most obvious, you tie up the money.

But there's a secondary - and perhaps even more important benefit. Through discovery, a legal action that requires those involved in a civil suit to turn over documentation - you may be able to obtain information that can later be used in a criminal action against those involved.

The fact that the FBI didn't stop with the arrest of the alleged bomber but continued the probe and conducted these raids is an indication that they consider this a serious investigation. And, indeed, it is. Imagine the outcry had the bomb in Times Square actually gone off!

This investigation is a reaction, of course, to the failed bombing attempt. But it underscores a need to be proactive - to conduct probes of terrorist financial support networks before another attempted attack takes place.

To put it in simple terms, when someone wants to fight me, I don't wait until he punches me before I take action. When he puts his hands up in a threatening manner - I go after him.

That's exactly what we need to do if we want to stop these terrorists in their tracks.

Terrorism is no longer just something that occurs in some far off land that we can view with detachment from afar. It's here. On the homeland.

We have no choice but to take proactive measures now.



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