Friday, May 7, 2010

New York's Quality Of Life About To Suffer

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NEW YORK - Forget about terrorism. The real threat to New York City is a degrading of the quality of life. And no where will this decline be felt more than on the subway system.

The MTA says the cuts are necessary - due to a $400 million budget gap.

Where will the cuts occur?

Some subways will be cut. Resulting in more crowded rides.

Custodial workers will be laid off. Resulting in dirtier stations and trains.

And announcers will be pink slipped. So that people who feel stranded on station platforms won't be given any indication of how long they need to wait for a train to come.

The MTA is not alone in facing cuts. Thousands of teachers may be laid off. Senior centers may be closed. Fire protection could be reduced. All because Albany has failed to pass a state appropriations bill for New York.

As one politician said, this is like President Gerald Ford telling New York City to drop dead.

But the most obvious and immediate decline in the quality of life will be on the subways. Average subway ridership last year was more than 5 million daily. Those riders weren't just New Yorkers. Tourists rely on the subway system to get around as well.

Tourists returned to New York following the 9/11 attacks. They didn't miss a beat after Saturday's attempted car bombing. But if you really want to convince visitors to stay away, offer them an unpleasant, dirty, crowded subway system. Once the word about that gets out, you can count of tourism to decline.




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