Thursday, June 3, 2010

ACLU campaigns to stop spread of Texas school book curriculum

NEW YORK - The ACLU is asking its members to be vigilant and work to block any attempts by school officials in their states to follow the Texas state Board of Education's new school book guidelines.

In its emailed call to action to members, the ACLU calls what Texas came up with "outrageous, ideologically-slanted standards for history textbooks."

The ACLU led an unsuccessful campaign to block the new standards in Texas. It says its members sent 12,000 letters of protest to the the Texas education board.

In its appeal to members, the ACLU says there is a "real danger" that the Texas curriculum could spread throughout the country.

"Because Texas purchases 10s of millions of textbooks every year," the appeal says, "it has outsized influence on the content of textbooks used all over America. In fact, 46 to 47 states use textbooks based on Texas's curriculum."

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