Friday, June 18, 2010

Gulf spill underscores need for clean alternatives but are you ready to pay the price?

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Most Americans complain when the cost of gasoline increases during the summer travel season. But there are those who say it doesn't rise enough.

Those are the folks who believe we must push oil prices higher in order to convince Americans to stop guzzling fuel.

The fact of the matter is - Americans - generally - aren't ready to pay more to provide a cleaner environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

The Gulf of Mexico oil gusher should be enough to shock us into reality. But instead of focusing on ways to move toward safer, cleaner forms of energy - we focus our ire on BP.

Not that BP should be let off the hook. Of course the company needs to be held accountable for this nearly unbelievable environmental disaster. But if it hadn't been BP - it would have been someone else. If it hadn't been this well - it would have been another. If it hadn't happened now - it would have happened eventually.

And it will happen again.

Underwater oil drilling, as we have all learned over this two-month-long ordeal, is dangerous work. We've learned that there have been other, less publicized, oil leaks.

Accidents have happened in the past. They'll happen in the future.

So you would think Americans - by now - would be willing to dig just a little deeper into their pockets to protect this Earth that we all call home.

You'd think so. But we don't.

The latest Rasmussen poll bears this out.

It concludes that 52 percent of us are not willing to pay more for clean energy.

When I was a Boy Scout - perhaps the greatest lesson I learned was: When you break camp, leave your campground in better shape than you found it.

The same advice would serve inhabitants of Earth as well. When we leave this life, leave our planet in better shape than we found it.

We owe it to our children and future generations. But are we willing to do it?

Sadly, this latest poll suggests we are not.



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Anonymous said...

The oil spil in the Gulf of Mexico, can and may be a life altering experience for man and for animal world who live in the Sea. at present we are looking to the hurricane season as the first tropical storm, Alex; has entered the Gulf,a top rated skimming boat is in Norfolk harbor, awaiting permission to join the clean up work in the Gulf. Will they get permission to enter these now contaminated waters? Who knows! And so we observe the saga of lies and shortcuts etc. cause of the most serious damage ever to our gulf states.there is the potential for this oil discharge to be directed around Key West and up the East coast. I pray that doesn't happen.the hurricanes would probably be the driving force, when and if that occurs. Just heard on the news today from a nature conservancy spokes person that there is so much methane gas, from the decay of fish and wild fowl that a stroke of lightening could ignite a fireball over the state of Florida!!!! What a scary thought that is!!I am sorry to say that this event will have long lasting effects around the world. God Bless the families who now must decide what will be their employment after generations being Fishers of the Sea!! Barbara Erb