Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Incumbents face throw the bums out syndrome

PRINCETON, New Jersey - More indication that there may be major changes in the complexion of Congress this November.

The latest Gallup poll concludes that registered voters are nearly twice as likely to say they would rather vote for a congressional candidate with no prior experience in Congress as to say they would vote for one who has previously served in Congress. Democrats, however, are slightly more likely to favor a candidate with congressional experience, the poll finds.

This may be a result, the pollsters conclude, that the Democrats control Congress. So it would be beneficial to them if incumbents are re-elected.

But only as many as one in four independents or Republicans said that congressional experience would be important to them if they were voting today.

All of this is good news for first-time congressional candidates in general, and the Republican Party in particular.

Only 32 percent of those polled said that most members of Congress deserve re-election, Gallup said.

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