Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Most Americans support Obama's Afghan withdrawal timetable

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Remember the old anti-war song which asked "where have all the flowers gone?" Lately I've been asking, "where have all the anti-war demonstrators gone?"

Used to be, when George W. Bush was president, that we'd see them all the time. Complaining about his surge in Iraq. And about the slow timetable of withdrawal.

Now that Barack Obama is president, I've been asking why we don't see them on the streets demonstrating. After all, Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan is actually Bush's. And Obama has a surge of his own going - in Afghanistan.

I've suggested that this could be because the anti-war movement is partisan. A Republican war is worth protesting. A Democratic war - well - that's a different proposition altogether.

But now, it seems, there may be another explanation. It could be that Americans are satisfied with the way Obama is handling the efforts.

I say this in light of a new USA/Gallup poll, which concludes that most Americans support the president's Afghanistan withdrawal plan.

The poll concludes that 58 percent of Americans support the plan - which calls for the beginning of the Afghanistan withdrawal in a year's time.

Gallup also found that most Americans approve of the president's decision to remove General Stanley McChyrstal as the USA's top military man in Afghanistan after a Rolling Stone magazine article revealed his - and his staff's - disdain for the commander-in-chief's Afghan policy.

This is not to say that partisanship didn't play a part in the survey results. It did.

Gallup says while most Democrats and independents support the timetable, Republicans oppose it by a more than 2-to-1 margin.


Photo: U.S. Army

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