Saturday, June 5, 2010

An open letter to Helen Thomas

Paltalk News Network Contributor

Dear Helen,

OK, so you have established yourself as the dean of the antisemites, but before you speak out, make sure that there is no microphone around, because your facts are distorted by your blind Jew-hatred. Before spitting hate on video, you ought to know the facts. Here is a summary.

When you tell Jews to go back to their “home,” then you clarify “home” as Germany, Poland, Holland, you must be ignorant about the Holocaust. But then, you may have joined Ahmadinejad in denying it, like the rest of the world’s idiots, who do exactly what President Eisenhower had been worried about, when insisting on filming evidence of the Holocaust, especially for those idiots who would want to deny it.

For your information, more Jews were born in Israel than those who came back after 2,000 years. Where should all the sabras (native Israelis) go if that’s not their home? There is another fact you have missed. More Jews escaped (not left) Arab countries and Iran then those who came from Europe. I bet this little fact had never crossed your mind.

The Jews were the real owners of the land of Israel. They resided in that land since 3,000 years ago and until the Roman Empire wiped the land and its people off the map in the first and second centuries, then changed its name to Palestine.

The land was empty and deserted, then came the next occupiers—the Muslims, then the Crusaders, then the Muslims again, but most of the land was empty except for a few JEWS (yes, this is no typo), a few Muslims and a few Christians.

When Jews started returning to their homeland in the 19th century and turned the desert and the mosquito-infested swamps into a livable place, the Muslims began moving in as well, due to the prospects of a higher standard of living that the Jews brought about.

Palestine was never a Muslim state. It’s sole true owner-inhabitants were the Jews.

After the Jews were driven out, it became an occupied territory — occupied by the Roman/Byzantine empire, the Ottoman Turks, then the British and then srael. It is and it has always been the land where the Jewish nation originated and lived.

If you want to children of Israel who were born there to go back to their grandparents’ graveyards, why don’t you go to your ancestors’ land and do what you preach? And talking about “occupation”: Your ancestors are the true occupiers of America. They massacred the original inhabitants — the American Indians — then drove them out of the land. I bet you have never known that fact either. And what about Texas? Isn’t that “occupied” land? Didn’t we take it away from the Mexicans?

Dear Helen, admit it. You have failed the simple test of history. You should not be a reporter. You diminish the prestige of what this title represents.

Dr. Avi Perry


Avi Perry is author of the book 72 Virgins


Katherine Fleishman said...

Thank you Dr. Avi, I am so grateful to you for your comments. This is a sad and very pathetic person.

NorthernLight said...

Actually, Helen Thomas' parents immigrated to the U.S from Lebanon.