Friday, August 20, 2010

Discriminating against fat people and smokers

It may not be lawful, but if a Gallup poll's results are correct, there are a lot of employers who are rejecting the job applications of obese people and smokers.

The poll concludes that one in four Americans would be less likely to hire a person who smokes. One in five feel the same way about hiring an overweight person.

There may actually be justification in the decision. Who wants one's company's productivity to wane because workers are out taking smoke breaks? Or having to deal with issues of second-hand smoke if workers are permitted to smoke on the job.

And both smokers and obese people are more apt - as a group - to be sick. No business today wants to have to worry about otherwise unnecessary employee sick days.

But the bottom line is this. If you are one of the million of Americans who are out-of-work - stopping smoking and losing weight might give you an edge over another applicant for a job.

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