Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How the people of Afghanistan & Pakistan view the 'war on terror'

Afghan children taught by U.S. and Afghan military volunteers
Afghan children taught by U.S. and Afghan military volunteers

Paltalk News Network Correspondent

There's not a day that goes by that I don't get a press release from the U.S. military touting successes in its efforts to rid Afghanistan of the terrorists who grip that nation.

These pronouncements are designed to keep American support of the effort high. We may not be getting to Osama bin Laden as intended when we first invaded nine years ago. But, heck. Along with our Afhan and Pakistan partners - we're protecting the people there from Taliban terrorists.

You'd think, then, that the people of those two countries would be eternally grateful for our efforts.

Maybe so. But they aren't too happy with their own government's contribution to the effort.

Most Afghans polled by Gallup feel that both their government - and the Pakistani government - are falling down on the job.

Many Pakistanis surveyed in the poll agree.

And this poll was conducted before the infamous WikiLeaks of documents that show collusion between the Pakistani government and the Taliban.

According to Gallup, 78 percent of Afghans believe the Pakistan government is not doing enough to curb terrorism. A majority of Afghans, 59 percent, also feel the same way about their own government.

The perception on the other side of the border is similar, though not as damning. Forty-four percent of Pakistanis feel the Afghan government is not doing enough. A similar number - 41 percent - feel their own government is falling short on the war on terrorism.

Press releases and public pronouncements about the anti-terrorism efforts along the Afghan-Pakistan border may be enough to appease Americans - for now. But those living in the midst of the action know better.


Photo: ISAF

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