Friday, August 27, 2010

Paterson sticks foot in mouth over 'Ground Zero mosque'

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NEW YORK - New York's beleaguered governor, David Paterson, has done it again. This time mischaracterizing Muslims in his comments about a proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero.

Paterson, in an apparent attempt to allay the fears of those who maintain the center would be a hotbed of terrorism, called its backers "Sufi Muslims."

"This is not like the Shiites," Paterson continued.

"They're almost like a hybrid, almost westernized. They are not really what I would classify in the sort of mainland Muslim practice."

Which, of course, implies, that "mainland Muslims" are not westernized and are to be feared.

Not surprisingly, this latest gaff by Paterson, has drawn the ire of Muslims.

Among those chiming in are the folks at the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who diplomatically called Paterson "grossly misinformed."

"Governor Paterson's comments are grossly misinformed and will be used to support the false notion that mainstream Muslims are somehow incapable of being productive citizens," said CAIR-NY's Community Affairs Director Faiza N. Ali.

You think?

"Responsible leaders should refrain from mainstreaming misinformation about Islam and instead reach out to the Muslim community and its leaders. Of particular concern is the governor's derogatory description of Shia Muslims."

Ali wants Paterson to meet with representatives of New York's Muslim community to discuss and find ways of quelling the anti-Muslim rhetoric that the proposed community center is engendering.

Maybe she should wait until Paterson is out of office and someone who people actually respect as governor takes over before holding such a meeting.

This latest misstep comes as Paterson is being accused of having misled investigators over his acceptance of World Series tickets last year.

It also comes at a time when Paterson predicted "violence and death" because he's ordering the collection of sales taxes for cigarettes sold on Indian reservations to non-Indians.

Paterson, who was lieutenant governor, became governor in 2008 when the incumbent, Eliot Spitzer, resigned over a sex scandal involving a prostitute. One day after he was sworn in, he and his wife both acknowledged having had extramarital affairs.

Fortunately for New Yorkers, Paterson will not be governor for much longer. He was planning to run as an incumbent, but dropped out of the race after it was revealed that he may have tried to use State Police troopers to try to convince a woman to drop a domestic abuse charge against one of his aides. Although he dropped out of the election, he has claimed no wrongdoing and he has resisted calls to resign.

The election is this year, which means Paterson will be governor for just four more months. But two questions remain. Can the Muslims - and everyone else in New York - manage to wait for a new governor to be sworn in? And can Paterson keep his mouth shut until then?

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moham said...

Islamic Terror Centre in Manhattan — A Protest
The planned Islamic centre in Manhattan near ‘Ground Zero’ has become quite controversial. The facts are straightforward. The planned Islamic centre will, among other things, include a terror-training-mullah with a mosque. The project has very cleverly decieved all local zoning laws and has been quickly and undeservedly made to be permitted by all relevant authorities. As such there are no legitimate reason to building such a centre, there is no Muslim community in the area and therfore no need to build this sign of Bedouin Islamic hegemony. More importantly, the proposed building will forever remind of the atrocity of the Islamic terrorism-a very visible one.

Whether American Muslims like it or not, sadly the building of this centre has become a very controversial political issue. As such, its moral legitimacy and everything else about it is going to be examined in great detail by an otherwise neutral but now a relatively hostile non-Islamic media and opposed by all candidates up for election who wish to oppose islaimc fascism or from his own party who wish to show their abhorence of the Islamic terrorism.

The Pakistani-American Muslim community :These include physicians, educators, people involved in finance and other business activities. Most of them are obviously well-educated and aware of only their constitutional rights and not of their duties.
The first group is generally supportive of this project because after the dollars they would continue earning safely, they think nothing but of colonizing America on the name of Islam ; they wrongly understand that it is their right under the US Constitution to build such an Islamic centre any where they like whether ther is an Islamic community nearby or not. They are like well-fed animals, like the proverbial Ahmed’camel, who now wants to takeover where they were only given a place for two feet. Since most of them are well established in their
One of the fears expressed by the opponents of this project that such a centre will eventually become a hotbed of Islamic extremism is in my opinion completely justified and there are millions of Americans who will resist it tooth and nail. If and when the centre is up and running, it will surely become one of the safest haven of the sophisticated Islamic terrorism as well as a social spy centre for the spread of the barbaric Bedouin Islamism. And I am almost inclined to believe that it will probably be avoided as i tit will always be a seen as a centre of Islamic murderers.
However, it might also not be all bad if Muslims make a grand gesture of reconciliation and offer to move the mosque to a place where they have an Islamic community. This will considerably diminish the political pressure on President Obama and other pro-Islamic fascist supporters of this project.
Personally though I would rather see most of the money destined for the mosque being donated to the flood relief effort in Pakistan but then Islam is not about social relief, it is indeed about colonization, conquest, mass.murders, sectarianism, butchering of Hindus, forcible conversion of sikhs, raping of minor Christian women, killing of Hindus, genocide of Jews etc. etc..