Monday, August 23, 2010

Wishing Hillary were president

In politics, perceptions sometimes trump realities. That may be the case in comparing President Obama with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, a woman who he successfully battled for the Democratic nomination for president.

A new Rasmussen poll concludes that 48 percent of Americans believe Obama's views are "extreme." While 51 percent believe Clinton to be "mainstream."

"I hated Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's candidacy scared the hell out of me," says one staunch Republican.

"But what I would give to have Bill as president again. And how I wish, if it was inevitable that the Democrats won that election, that Hillary had been their candidate."

Obama is not the only likely 2012 presidential candidate whose views are seen as extreme by American voters. The Rasmussen poll found that even more people - 55 percent - view former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's views as extreme.

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