Friday, September 17, 2010

Americans crave a third party

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A new Gallup poll finds that a majority of Americans, 58 percent, are dissatisfied with both the Republican and Democratic parties and wish for a third. But can they agree on the ideology of another party?

The poll, of course, conjures up thoughts about the Tea Party, which is less a party and more a movement - seemingly settled within the ranks of the most conservative of Republicans. But what if the Tea Party broke from the GOP?

It's not inconceivable. Or, the Republican Party regulars might ultimately bolt instead, leaving the Grand Old Party to the Tea Partiers.

The question is - how does this affect the balance of the parties.

My conservative friends are regaling in the fact that there's this perceptible move to the right - evidenced by the Tea Party-backed Republican candidates who were victorious during this week's primary elections. But their celebrations may be premature.

The people who have to be swayed in order to win general elections are the independents. People who have no party affiliations or allegiances. And even those who might otherwise lean toward the right - and the Republican Party - might be reticent to do so this November. Because the image many voters have of the Tea Party is that it's a fringe movement.

Even if that proves to not be the case, my Democratic friends - while visibly and vocally concerned about the midterm elections - are taking some solace in the fracturing of the Republican Party.

There's a lot of spinning going and hyperbole out there - something we've grown to expect election years. But the reality is in the nuances that are often missed in the fast-paced manner in which politics are now covered. The talking heads will speculate. The definitive word on the mood of the people will be determined by the voters in November. My guess, for what it's worth, is that we will see far less party loyalty in November. I hope I'm right. I really hope that this poll is indicative that people are more independent thinking these days. And I hope that their representatives in Washington, no matter what party they belong to, come to the realization that representing their constituencies - not their party platforms - is their number one responsibility.

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Dreama said...

Seems the people have reached an agreement that crosses party lines: voters aren’t getting much return on investment for their tax dollars these days.

Families working harder for less pay, retirement funds that wasn't lost in the markets are being cut down or retirement savings are growing smaller as prices soar and pay remains stagnant. Rasmussen Report shows 72% of likely American voters say Congress don’t have a clue about how to address our economic problems.

Voters I dont think are turning to a third party as much as voting out incumbents up for elections. Americans are fed-up with same old same old. Instead of main street saying 'It's the economy stupid' they are screaming 'You're Stupid' Plus myself I am getting slightly tired of hearing whining from the politicians,and I think many others are too. Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Good job, Dreama. Gary, the TEA party isn't a part of the GOP. That's something you liberals don't seem to be able to grasp. The GOP would love to get control over the TEA party, and have tried a myraid of ways to do that, sometimes just stepping in without being invited - but the fact is many of us are either former Democrat or left the GOP and are Independent - so they can't control it, it's angry at the GOP in particular for comprosmising their values. Smart Republicans have tried to compromise the TEA Party but we will NOT be controlled nor told what to do by those hypocritical jerks in the GOP... we want REAL CONSERVATIVISM. We vote for who we see is CLEAN, toss out the corruptocrats; politicians not a part of the leftist socialist agenda, and whoever might return this country to it's original state, are viable.... Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Chris Christie, Duncan Hunter, Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Dennis Prager, Allen West, Christine O'Donnell and others are our new leaders, and it's just tough that you liberals are scared enough by such a resurgence of conservative America that you've called the TEA Party every name in the book, from "Irrelevant" to "terrorists" and "racists"... and it won't work, we aren't racists, we aren't terrorists, but we are angry and we will take our country back. Honestly, I wish y'all would move to Europe or somewhere else if you want to change this beautiful free country to Socialist; have the decency to leave at least ONE COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH *FREE* - America. The United States represents the FIRST TIME Man has ever been FREE. The Constitution guarantees Man's Freedom, when before, throughout history, Man lived under Tyranny. Ignoring the will of the people has put the United States under the tyranny of the Obama Administration and the leftists in power in congress and the house. You can bet that Americans will rise up and now allow this. They underestimated the will of the American People - hardly sheep - they will now allow "wolves in Elephant Clothing", as Michelle Malkin said, to take over the country with their socialist and godless values; fakes like Scott Brown, trying to compromise the TEA Party's mission, will be exposed and expelled. The liberal's reign is over in this country. Thank the Sweet Lord, as the "Jig is up" for this Kenyan President and hopefully he will be gone soon and a REAL American put into office that truly loves and protects their country, and can help to undo some of the damage.

Gary Baumgarten said...


First of all, I'm not a liberal. Although I do have liberal ideas I also have conservative ideas. But calling me a liberal as if it were a disease is the kind of divisiveness I'm talking about here.

Second, President Obama is president of the United States, not Kenya.

And finally, no thank you. I have no intention of moving to Europe or anywhere else. But, perhaps if you don't like the way this nation is going, YOU ought to leave.

Dreama said...
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Dreama said...

Anonymous, first I would like to address your comment "the TEA party isn't a part of the GOP. That's something you liberals don't seem to be able to grasp."

Hmm I could've sworn I didn't refer to the Tea Party as GOP let me check... ah here it is "Voters I dont think are turning to a third party as much as voting out incumbents up for elections." Yea I didn't refer to Tea Party as GOP beside the tea party is a movement not a political party. In fact polls have shown that when surveying supporters or participants of the Tea Party movement, they are significantly more likely to be registered Republican, have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party and an unfavorable opinion of the Democratic party. These polls also found that just 7% approve of how President Obama is doing his job compared to 50% (as of April 2010) of the general public, and that roughly 77% of supporters voted for John McCain in 2008. One other comment you made I have a question about you said "a REAL American put into office that truly loves and protects their country" how do you define A Real American?

Last but not least, liberal has become an insult?, and I thought you were for 'real Americans'. Is not one allowed the FREEDOM to choose who they wish to support in politics? AM I not allowed to subscribe to a different political party than you? I belong to NO party and I'm certainly not liberal or conservative I'm a Constitutionalist Liberal, maybe you should give the US Constitution a look-see.

People are sick and tired of being the ones to tighten their belts, sick of defeatists claiming the US isn't strong enough or wise enough to have universal health care, giving the impression the rest of the industrial world is better than the US since they could do it.

Damn and I thought they called democrats the defeatists smh

Just My Toughts

Anonymous said...

Historically, what made this country great was the left and right were serving the same TYPE of government, Dreama. Now, the left FIGHTS with the right, with a different FORM of government they are trying to push - socialism. Hence, we go NOWHERE, just around and around, the left fighting with the right to the point where the American public has had enough of it.... I wasn't referring to you, by the way, Dreama, so I will ignore your insults. And Gary? I have read too many of your posts and articles to think you "conservative" - this is what Malkin means by "wolves in elephant's clothing" - because "liberal", yes, has become a dirty word. I do not believe you for one second, sorry. It was a dirty word way back in the 50s - google Bob Hope's great quote from his films on liberals: enjoy

Anonymous said...

By the way, sorry but I'm also just ignoring the association with the GOP you keep trying to spin - who the heck are we supposed to vote for in the TEA Party, eh - and associate with - eh? THE DEMOCRATS ARE ALL SOCIALISTS and we're against that, so WE HAVE NO CHOICE. You know darned well we're JEOPARDIZING THE GOP TAKING THE HOUSE, so how's that huh?? How does that figure in your nice neat explanation Dreama? You lie, that's what.... liberals always do, it's like BREATHING to them. Sorry to inform you that Zell Miller, JFK.. no longer exist for us in the TEA to admire or associate with, and the left has infiltrated the GOP so much with RINOs - that's what caused this really. Many of us are bitter about that, and won't go back to GOP, and a lot of THOSE were FORMER DEMOCRATS, so I guess the DNC is S.O.L..... Sorry, Dreama, no points there. TEA will not be ruled by anyone, just because you say it doesn't make it true. We're used to the lamesream media spin you guys try to put on us daily. It isn't working.. try another approach :) Racist didn't work, terrorist didn't work, "divisive" isn't going to work, all these ridculous, moronic words you keep hurling at TEA like "GOP association" won't work... it's not going away.. nightmare for you liberal folks, huh? WE NEED A PARTY THAT RESPECTS THE CONSTITUTION. If you mean that, as a "Constituional liberal" (which is a conflict in terms), then you should understand TEA better. Very oxymoronic term you have there, kid.

Gary Baumgarten said...


I never said I was a conservative either.

I said I have some liberal and some conservative ideals. So how I can be a wolf in sheep's clothing is beyond me.