Monday, September 20, 2010

More evidence the GOP ship is coming apart at the seams

If Karl Rove's repudiation of Christine O'Donnell wasn't enough to convince you, then listen to what former New York state GOP chair Pat Barrett has to say about Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo:

Cuomo, he says, has the "ability, independence and guts to taken on Albany's special interests and get results for the people."

And he doesn't just say it. He says it in a campaign ad.

"Sure I'm a Republican." the ad continues. "But this year it can't be about politics ... it's about fixing what's broken."

And what's more, Barrett is not alone. There's a whole group, called GOPers for Cuomo, who are with him.

This shift to the right in the Republican Party is actually an opportunity for the Democrats to get out a unified message. Something the Republicans have been much more adept at of late.

But to borrow a line from the late Israeli politician Abba Eban talking about the Arabs, the Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Most pundits, including Democratic mouthpieces, have been pretty much resigned to the inevitability that the midterm elections will bring a shift of power in Congress. And they are probably correct. But all is not well within the fractured Republican Party. The question is, will the Democrats sit back and whine about the election? Or will they take advantage of this divisiveness?

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