Friday, September 3, 2010

New Yorkers want 'Ground Zero mosque' moved

Paltalk News Network
NEW YORK - A new New York Times poll finds that two-thirds of New Yorkers want the planned Islamic cultural center moved from its proposed location two blocks from Ground Zero.
That so many people in New York, perhaps the most accommodating city anywhere when it comes to diversity, feel this way, is reflective of an underlying - not necessarily stated belief even here. That the war on terrorism is really a war with Islam.
There are no indications that the people who want to build the center have any connections with terrorism. In fact, the imam behind the project is a proponent of evangelicalism.
And it's noteworthy as well that the poll doesn't suggest that New Yorkers flat out oppose the center. It's just that - well - this close to Ground Zero seems to them to be insensitive.
Sort of like people hawking 9/11 photos and books too close to Ground Zero.
It's an indication that if Imam Feisal Rauf really wants to work for understanding - the job is perhaps much tougher than he really thought.

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