Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama pushes new 'non-stimulus' stimulus package

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God-forbid they call it a stimulus package or use the words "shovel ready." But the White House is pushing for more infrastructure spending.

Although, statistically, the stimulus program saved some three million jobs, or so we're told, the general feeling among Americans is that the Obama administration failed to deliver. Economic recovery has been slower than had been hoped. Many people are losing confidence in the recovery and are waiting for the next shoe to drop.

And perceptions can make or break an economy.

So in this Labor Day, the president and his minions are shying away from the term "stimulus package" and are instead calling for more spending on the nation's infrastructure. Obama is calling for $50 billion from Congress to pay for roads, railroads and runways.

It's an attempt to push through a quick fix. Not for the economy - but for the Democratic Party - whose candidates are suffering in the polls less than 60 days before the mid-term congressional elections. The economy will have to wait - because - even if this package passes and actually helps - we won't see the results before the November elections.

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