Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Republicans: White and religious

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The Glenn Beck weekend rally at the Lincoln monument has brought back into sharp focus the effects of religion on politics and politics on religion.

We probably didn't need the Gallup poll to tell us this, but it confirms what we already knew. The GOP tends to attract white people and people who identify themselves as religious.

By contrast, the Democratic Party is more racially diverse. And a smaller percentage of Democrats consider themselves religious, Gallup found.

What that means for the future of the nation is anybody's guess. But there are those on the right who believe that those on the left are Godless, humanist, Marxists, socialist, hedonistic liberals intent on bringing the United States down. Oh, and did I mention communists?

All of this is important to remember as we approach the mid-term elections. Unless something spectacular occurs to change the mood of the people, the Republicans will soon control the House of Representatives. There's a good chance that a goodly number of them will represent the right edges of the party as well. So look for a change in dialog over what's most important for the nation. What the priorities should be.

Wrapping oneself in the flag and religion - as Beck did Sunday - is one way to express one's patriotism - but it's not the only way.

There's a danger in that kind of thinking. Remember when then-candidate Obama was accused, wrongly as it turns out, of refusing to wear an American flag lapel pin while campaigning for president. That was enough to convince some people that he's un-American - a belief held by many people even now.

Yes, there's a shift to the right, to the party of white people and churchgoers. But as the nation shifts, let's not forget those of color and those who maybe have different - or even no - religious beliefs.

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