Monday, September 20, 2010

The silly season is underway in New York

Carl Paladino epitomizes why Americans don't take their politicians too seriously.

The New York Times reports that Paladino is about to release a letter that questions his Democratic opponent in the race for New York governor's manhood.

Paladino, the surprise Tea Party-backed GOP nominee for governor also will talk about how his opponent, Andrew Cuomo, is the "king-designate," anointed by his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo.

If this all sounds a bit familiar to you, then you're a fan of Guardian Angels founder and 970 The Apple New York City radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa, who has conducted satiric street theater in robes and crown, calling himself "King Cuomo." He even was ticketed for his efforts (I guess the cop took offense to his blocking a sidewalk or something) but the ticket was later dismissed.

The thing is, it's one thing for showman Sliwa to make these kinds of assertions about Cuomo. It's another thing for candidate Paladino to be making such outrageous statements.

Election time is the silly season. But this year, it's sillier than most.

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