Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vets stiffed on benefits

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Just yesterday on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network I devote an hour to the treatment of returning veterans and how we can all do a better job of welcoming them back into civilian society.

So, imagine my shock and dismay over a story by Bloomberg today which says the VA conspired with Prudential Financial to withhold from families information about lump sum life insurance benefits for those killed in action.

The information, according to public records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, was withheld from 6 million soldiers and their families. Families that could otherwise plan for their financial futures should the unthinkable occur in battle.

It's bad enough that, try as we may, we civilians will never fully understand how difficult it is for combat veterans to re-insert themselves into society. It's bad enough that the homelessness and suicide rates among veterans is astoundingly high. And that combat heroes with closed head injuries are denied Purple Hearts.

Now we learn that the very federal agency that's supposed to be assuring them benefits has been withholding essential information from them and their families.

It's a disgrace. The VA, and Prudential Financial, owe them all an apology. And information about benefits to which they, and their families, are entited.

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