Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 week before the vote New York fires its elections chief

George Gonzalez, New York City’s election chief, has been ousted just a week before the midterm elections over complaints that a new computerized voting system is fraught with problems.
New York isn’t the only place where there are concerns about the voting process.
In Washington, DC – a call to see if anyone could hack into a new computerized election system – a public test of its security – failed (or succeeded if you’re one of the hackers) when election officials were presented a rendition of The Victors – the University of Michigan fight song – on the system. But then they discovered that the system was compromised by “real” hackers in Iran and China. Imagine the Iranians or the Chinese determining the results of elections in the United States!
And in Nevada, folks who have been voting early are reporting that in the closely contested race between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Tea Party-backed GOP candidate Sharron Angle, the ballots had already been marked for Reid.
None of this does much to instill confidence in an already challenged voting system. A federal lawsuit, for example, is proceeding challenging the re-election of George W. Bush. GOP political operative Karl Rove was just served with a subpoena in the case – one that should be on the front page of every newspaper in the United States – but isn’t.
Brad Friedman, who has been crusading for fair elections, says on his Brad Blogthat there should be other court challenges – now – before the elections – in states where discrepancies have been found. But there seems to be little or no activity by anyone to ensure that the voters votes will actually be properly counted.
And you wonder why voter turnout is disappointingly low each year!

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