Friday, October 29, 2010

Another reason to shove Islamophobia to the curb

There are those who, openly, express their fear and hostility toward Muslims. Even Fox news analyst Juan Williams, a black man who has through his commentary and reporting countered similar phobias toward African Americans has raised the specter with his utterance that he gets nervous when Muslim garbed people ride an airplane with him.

But now it appears that the man who tipped the cops off to the DC Metro terrorist plot is a Muslim.

This is not the first time law abiding, America loving, Muslims have helped the cops bring down terrorist plots. It was a Muslim roommate who snitched out his fellow apartment dwellers just minutes before they were about to bomb a busy New York City subway station. A New York Muslim gas station attendant thought it suspicious that another Muslim guy bought a can of gasoline and then walked across the street toward a synagogue. He dialed 911, and the NYPD arrived on the scene just in time to stop him.

These are just two incidents that come to immediate mind.

When an entire group of people are attacked, it's logical that some within that group may be reticent to cooperate with authorities in the future. So Islam bashing is, from a self-interest standpoint, counter productive. But more importantly, it's wrong.

The word Muslim is often juxtaposed in front of the word terrorist. Rarely is it put alongside the phrase "law abiding citizen." Perhaps if it were, there wouldn't be such a skewed view of Muslims. And Juan Williams could fly alongside Muslim passengers without angst.

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