Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are the Palestinians looking for an excuse to walk?

The Palestinian Authority has been threatening to walk away from the Middle East peace talks because the Israelis have lifted a moratorium on West Bank construction.

Israel has come under mounting pressure from the international community to reinstate the construction ban to ensure that the the talks get back on track. But it seems the Palestinians are looking for a reason - again - to not bring a peace to the region.

The BBC, and others, are reporting today that Israel has offered to put the construction ban back in place so long as the Palestinians agree to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Not good enough, the BBC reports. The Palestinians have rejected this overture by the Israelis on the grounds that they've already recognized the Jewish state.

This all seems like rhetorical nonsense to me. Especially when lives and quality of life are at stake.

My friend, Avi Perry, author of the book 72 Virgins, can't be surprised. He has been saying neither side really expects the peace talks to proceed. It's just a game each plays to position the other as the fall guy when they collapse.

This latest offer by the Israelis and rejection by the Palestinians seems to support his view.

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