Sunday, October 3, 2010

The real threat is against the man who threatened Palin

Shawn Christy, the 18-year-old Pennsylvania man who allegedly threatened the life of Sarah Palin has been the recipient of death threats himself - from Palin supporters.

The Alaskan newspaper the Frontiersman, reports that readers have been imploring it to publish his photo so they can identify and kill him.

The Frontiersman had reported that Christy was thousands of miles away, in Pennsylvania, and, therefore, posed no imminent threat to the former Alaskan governor, who received an order of protection from an Anchorage judge. And yet, the paper reports, it received comments, which it refused to publish on its website, suggesting that Christy be hunted down and shot:

Folks asked us to post a picture of the young man so “decent” people could hunt him down and kill him. And that is exactly why we won’t publish a photo that could identify him.

We were shocked at the number of people from across the U.S. calling for his death and offering to pull the trigger on a .45 loaded with “liberal lead.”

The Frontiersman also ran an extensive interview with Christy's father which suggests that he is a disturbed young man who has been interviewed by U.S. Capitol Police, the Secret Service and Pennsylvania State Police in conjunction with erratic behavior.

Of course, authorities should take seriously threats against the lives of politicians. Sadly, they occur everyday. According to the book In The President's Secret Service, there are 30 such threats against President Obama daily. Thankfully, we don't see scores of people offering to take up arms against the people who make all those threats.

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