Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rick Sanchez knew better

The one person who should be the least surprised by CNN's firing of Rick Sanchez after he made antisemitic remarks is Sanchez himself.

Sanchez, after all, had a front row seat to the demise of colleague Octavia Nasr, who lost her job at CNN after she tweeted a tribute to a Hezbollah spiritual leader who died.

Perhaps the poor judgment they showed had to do with the empowerment they felt as members of minorities. Maybe they felt if you are part of an oppressed group, you are indemnified from suffering consequences when making remarks that others may feel are insensitive.

The thing is, shouldn't we all be showing a little more respect for others who are different?

What makes the Sanchez and Nasr (and Helen Thomas) cases so especially disconcerting is that they, themselves, are members of groups that have been ridiculed by others. They should know better. And should set a much better example.

There are those who might argue that concern for political correctness in rhetoric is stifling discourse. Perhaps so. But this is the kind of rhetoric that manifests itself as action. And that's the real danger.

If you think minorities can't and won't turn on other minorities, then just take a look at what's happening on Staten Island, where Mexicans are being attacked by some blacks - their ethnicity being the only apparent motivation.

I'm sure that on Monday, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, who bore the brunt of Sanchez's attack, will somehow find a way to turn it into a joke - at Sanchez's expense. Perhaps Stewart will invite Sanchez as a guest on his show. If he does, the former CNN'er should accept the invitation and apologize - with no excuses. It's perhaps the only way to salvage his career. More importantly, it's the right thing to do.

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Lee Garen said...

Eloquently put and I agree that Rick Sanchez tied his own knot in the noose that cost him his job. However, it is a good example of his pompous "poor me" attitude that has emoted from his idea of being a newsman for as long as I have known of Rick Sanchez which goes back to his days in Miami. I couldn't understand why CNN hired him in the first place and that was the overall feelings among many of my cohorts in the CNNRadio Network newsroom where I also spent a decade until earlier this year. Humbleness is product of knowing who you are and accepting it without blaming others. I don't think Sanchez can do much at this time to regain his career other than becoming a very humble person...and appologizing as much as possible.