Saturday, October 23, 2010

WikiLeaks finds prisoner abuse continued after Abu Ghraib

The long awaited - or in the case of the Pentagon feared - WikiLeaks release of documents about the Iraq war suggest that U.S. troops continued to abuse prisoners in Iraq long after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke.
Several immediate questions come to mind.

The first, is anyone surprised?

Second, if our troops are acting in an inappropriate manner, don't we all have the right to know? The Pentagon certainly doesn't hold from our attention news of heroics and "nation building" efforts by our troops. Shouldn't we get a full picture of our role in Iraq and elsewhere? After all, it's our tax dollars at work over there. And the troops are representing us.

Finally, do the leaks make us, and our troops, more vulnerable? The answer probably is, "yes." But are we more vulnerable because WikiLeaks made the information public? Or are we more vulnerable because of the actions of some members of our armed forces?

Perhaps, instead of biting off the head of the messenger, the Pentagon should get its own act together and better control its troops. Then, maybe, the next time WikiLeaks has information to release, it won't be so damaging.

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