Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally! Election Day is here!

So Election Day is here, and the winners are: the voters, who no longer have to listen to those attack ads on radio and television.
Last night I got it from both sides. The first ad was by the Democratic incumbent and showed his GOP rival making a stupid comment, likely taken out of context. Boy, it sure made that Republican look stupid and evil. No way would I vote for THAT guy, I thought.
That was immediately followed by an ad by his challenger, making HIM look evil. Pointing out that when he first went to Congress he was an independent kind of a guy, but now is only voting the Democratic Party line. Wow, I thought, that sounds pretty bad as well!
If you believe the advertising, NONE of the candidates are worth spit. So why even bother to vote?
Well, if you’re so influenced by advertising that you can’t make up your own mind, go try some of those absolutely DELICIOUS looking and sounding artery clogging and heart stopping fast food items that  (you should pardon the term) sandwiched the two aforementioned political ads.
Hey, at least in the two ads I just mentioned, the candidates gleefully disclosed that their campaigns paid for ‘em and they authorized them. That’s because they were far from the worst attack ads out there. The worst ones never say that a candidate’s campaign paid for them or authorized them. That’s because a Supreme Court ruling lets corporations now pay for campaign ads. Without having to tell the voters who is really behind them.
See they launder the money through political organizations with wonderful sounding names like Greenblob Township Citizens for Accountable Government and the like (no, I don’t think there’s really such a name for a township or such a committee, I made that one up, but you get the idea).
There’s actually a suit that’s been filed in Ohio claiming that such a practice is a violation of racketeering laws. The plaintiffs may prevail in their attempts to make the Ohio Chamber of Commerce reveal who contributed to an organization it fronts efforts to support two state Supreme Court candidates. But not, of course, until after today’s voting. That’s how these things work, you see.
At any rate, I’m sure you join me, whether you are Republican, Democrat or independent, in saying you’ll be happy that the ads will now disappear from the airwaves, the phone calls urging us to vote for or against a candidate while trying to have dinner will stop and our mailboxes won’t be cluttered with campaign pamphlets any longer.
Now if we can just get those ads to eat food that’s killing us off to go away too!
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