Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jobs now number one concern of Americans

Dean Meyers photo
It’s the economy, Congress.
The newly elected Congress will have its work cut out for itself next year. And the number one issue on the minds of Americans, according to the latest Gallup poll, is jobs.
Jobs tops the Gallup list of the most important issue facing Americans. Not dissatisfaction with the government (fourth). Not immigration (seventh). Jobs.
And number two on the list is the economy in general.
Rounding off the top 10:
3 – Healthcare.
5 – Federal budget deficit.
6 – Education.
8 – Lack of money.
9 – War/fear of war.
10 – Lack of respect for each other.
Notice that three of the categories are interrelated: jobs, economy in general, lack of money. Combine them and it’s obvious that, in the words of whoever really first said it, “it’s the economy, stupid.”
The Congress had better heed these results, set aside the partisan bickering they so willingly embrace, and work to do the people’s business. And make the economy the number one concern.

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