Monday, December 27, 2010

Cars buried in the snow, airports closed, State of Emergency declared in aftermath of Northeast’s blizzard

They weren’t kidding this time when they said it would be a real blizzard hitting the Northeast.

These cars are missing in action under the snow. It’s finally stopped snowing in New York City, where flights have been canceled at the Port Authority’s three airports. Train and bus service was canceled during the storm, as was the Minnesota Vikings away game at the Philadelphia Eagles – rescheduled to Tuesday night.

Whiteout conditions caused extremely dangerous driving conditions during the height of the storm – made worse by icing conditions on windshields limiting visibility even more so.

A State of Emergency has been declared in New Jersey, where officials are urging people to stay home and off the roads. But the suggestion is academic for most people – especially these folks whose cars are buried in the snow and whose unplowed lots mean they can’t travel even if they’d like to.


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