Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptians getting mixed signals from the United States

The United States’ decade’s-long policy toward Egypt is coming into focus as massive protests that are calling for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak enter their second week.
Foreign policy expert Robert Naiman, in an interview with Gary Baumgarten on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network, said that, because of the billions of dollars in aid the United States has given their government, Egyptians view the stabliity of the Mubarak government as being the result of U.S. government policy.
“Last week … Vice President Biden and Secretary (of State Hillary) Clinton … said the Egyptian government was stable,” Naiman said.
“Biden said Mubark’s not a dictator. These statements have been interpretted in Egypt as U.S. support for … maintaining the Mubarak regime.”
More recently, Clinton and President Obama have been using the term “transition” when talking about Egypt, sending a different message to both the government and the people in the streets.

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