Monday, February 7, 2011

PI takes aim at dead beat dads - for free

Vinny Parco, the star of the old Court TV reality show, Parco PI, has had it with deadbeat dads.
“Normally I’m into making money. It’s not often that I give my services away,” Parco said.
“But, in this tough economy, I’m running into more and more moms whose ex-husbands are walking away from their obligations and not paying child support.”
The trend has so angered Parco, that he’s offering his services – for free – to women who can’t track down the scofflaw fathers of their children.
“My office manager said to me, ‘Vinny – have you taken leave of your senses?’ Well, maybe I have. But you know, these guys who don’t take care of their own children are – in my opinion - nothing short of scumbags.”
Parco says many people don’t realize this, but when deadbeat dads pull the financial plug on their children – it’s not just their kids who suffer. Society does as well.
“Stop to think about this,” Parco explained.
“If he’s not paying for the kids, mom is forced to go on welfare and food stamps. So the rest of us actually have to reach deeper in our pockets to pay.”
So Parco is, for a limited time, offering his services for a selected number of cases.
“If a woman comes to me and I think I can find the guy, I will do it – gratis.”
For the moment, Parco, who is headquartered in New York, is limiting cases to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. But he’s in talk with associates in Florida who he anticipates will be getting on the bandwagon too.
The East Coast regional director of the World Investigators Network says he will tap into members of that group too, to find other PIs who are willing to help.
“The women complain all the time that the courts don’t chase these deadbeat dads. It’s understandable because they don’t have the resources. So it’s up to the PI community to help them,” he said.
If you think Parco can track your deadbeat ex, he and his staff want to hear from you. You can email him at
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