Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can we afford to drive?

By Sid Sowder
Gary Baumgarten is news and programming director at the Paltalk News Network.
It’s time to economize on driving by combining errands, car pooling, grabbing public transportation where it’s available and walking more and driving less.
Gasoline prices in the United States have now gone up every single day for the past two weeks. Every single day.
Makes you wonder if a road trip is even possible these days.
It’s still cheaper to drive than fly on, say, a 12 hour road trip, if you have more than one person in the car. But when you crunch the numbers, if you’re traveling alone, flying may be more economical.
That is before you factor in the cost of renting a car. And filling it with gasoline.
Plus, if you’re calculating the cost of a road trip, remember, it’s going to cost you more to return than it will to go. At least if the current trends continue.

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DangerRus said...

One consideration not usually considered with high gas prices is the urban/suburban landscape where the majority of Americans live. The lifestyle of suburbia may be coming to an end. When it costs 5 dollars to drive to the store to buy a gallon of milk then you have undesirable housing options. City planners need to prepare for high densities around public transportation hubs to reduce fuel cost and impact on the environment. Do local governments have the capacity currently to implement responsible policy? Not in my humble opinion. I think there is an opportunity for local government to create information sharing systems so that we can build communities to reduce the dependency on fuel. We just need better community designs.