Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've become a birther

By Gage Skidmore
I’ve been ridiculing the birthers since the start of this debate about where President Obama was born.
Obviously, it wasn’t part of a big Obama cover-up when the Republican health department director in Hawaii said the original birth certificate on file shows the president was born in the USA.
And he has a passport. Which isn’t issued by the U.S. government unless one produces a birth certificate.
Then there’s the little matter of the chief justice of the Supreme Court swearing Obama in as president. He wouldn’t have done that if Obama were not a citizen.
Finally, I point out, it would have been difficult for baby Obama to plant an announcement of his own birth in a Honolulu newspaper so that he could later lie and say he was born there in order to run for president.
But I poke fun no more at those who say they want to see the real, original birth certificate. And it took Donald Trump to open my eyes and change my tune.
Trump, who is contemplating a run for the presidency himself, admits he’s a birther. He just can’t trust a man who produces something other than his original birth certificate. You know, a fake.
Can’t trust him in any other way, that’s for sure, the Donald asserted.
Now he’s done some grandstanding to make his point – making his own birth certificate available for inspection. Just as he demands Obama do.
Only problem is, it turns out the birth certificate Trump released is a fake.
So, now I’ve become a birther too. I’m with Trump. I say, since he can’t produce his original birth certificate, and the one he permitted is a fake, then, following his very own stated logic, Trump was not born in the United States and does not qualify to run for president!
It also means he can’t be trusted.
Let’s now insist that Trump produce his original birth certificate and tell us where he was really born.
And is Trump really his name?
And what do we know about his daddy’s religion?
For that matter, what do we know about Trump’s? Maybe he’s a Muslim!
Does he attend a church? What does his pastor have to say about the United States?
We birthers demand this information from Trump. Before he runs and is elected. We don’t want to go through this process with another president after he’s taken office again.
Once was far more than enough, thank you!

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