Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obama approves erosion of Miranda rights

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It’s the kind of thing that would result in an uproar from the left if a Republican president had done it.
The Wall Street Journal reports that President Obama has authorized delaying the reading of Miranda rights when questioning domestic terrorism suspects.
It’s the kind of disappointing move that continues and expands on policies started by the George W. Bush administration that eroded civil liberties in the name of homeland security.
It also shows that the differences in this arena between the former and current administrations is minimal. The Guantanamo Bay detention center remains open, for example. Warrantless wiretapping of international calls with suspected terrorists continues as well. (Warrantless wiretapping is being challenged in federal court.) Both were hot issues when Bush was president. But the left has been relatively quiet about them now that Obama is in the Oval Office.
I found interesting the remarks by some on the left, critical of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, for suggesting that the invasion of Libya was an impeachable offense. Doesn’t he know, asked one of my Facebook friends, that he is aiding the enemy (the GOP)?
That’s the problem with partisan politics. All-too-often, party comes first.
If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were worth marching against during the Bush administration, why aren’t there massive demonstrations now?
Obama promised change. He promised to get us out of Iraq. He is, but on the timetable written up by Bush. No change there.
He promised to close Gitmo. No change there either.
Now he’s telling investigators that they can hold domestic terrorism suspects longer before reading them their rights against self-incrimination. Perhaps that’s not troubling to some. But I suspect that many who do find it disturbing and who would loudly complain if it were Bush issuing the order will - remain silent.

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