Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Winning!' the new battle cry

By 4rilla/Flickr
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Seems the life span of the popular phrase of the day is very short. So much so that, well, we’ve got to enjoy it when we can.
“Don’t touch my junk” was such a rallying cry for months – as Americans used it to describe, in four words, their distaste for the security screening process at airports.
But that’s so 2010. Old news. Sort of like the first iPad. Obsolete.
Today’s phrase is one word: “Winning!”
Nobody who has been on this side of the moon needs to know who coined it.
The great thing about the new use of the word (you need to include the exclamation point to convey what you mean) is that, well, it applies to winningand losing equally.
When Charlie Sheen got fired as star of Two and a Half Men, his declaration was “Winning!” (OK, maybe he actually said “they lose” – an acceptable variation.)
Imagine watching your favorite baseball team suffering through a losing streak this summer. Well, when the last out of the game is called in the ninth inning, you can gain some comfort by shouting out: “Winning!”
Or say you’re throwing away money in the slots in Atlantic City or Vegas. “How ya doing?” someone asks. You can answer, “Winning!” – even if you’re losing your shirt.
You get the idea!
It can be argued that Sheen hasn’t really contributed much to society. He’s a pretty good actor, yes. But beyond that, he’s not much of a role model as a parent or a spouse. But one thing we can thank him for today. He’s found a way for all of us, the common men and women, not just millionaire actors, to find a way to win, even when we lose.
So for that I say, “thank you Charlie!”

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Dangerrus said...

People are attracted to train wrecks and living vicariously through others. Mr. Sheen is a loser and takes it to the bank. Get out there, have some fun and you won't need Charlie to be your surrogate. ;)