Saturday, April 9, 2011

Agreeing with Jesse Ventura

By Charles Anderson
This is a bit weird.
I find myself agreeing with Jesse Ventura.
I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature. Just ask the folks who run the conspiracy room on Paltalk. They are frustrated by my resistance to reject out-of-hand the government’s conclusions about what happened on September 11, 2001.
Ventura has become America’s conspiracy-theorist-in-chief. So it’s a bit surprising that we found so much common ground when he came on News Talk Online to discuss his new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want you to Read.
Here’s what I like about this book. It actually provides the evidence, from the public record, for his claim.
For example, he provides proof that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which became the provocation for entering the Vietnam War, was a black flag operation.
During the interview, he chided the news media for not going after public record to find out the truth about what the government is doing in our behalf. I agree with him on this as well.
He believes Sarah Palin will become the next GOP candidate for president. Only time will tell if that assessment is right. But he added during the interview that he could never support Palin because she is a quitter. She stepped down as governor of Alaska, he notes. Unilke Palin, Ventura, who was governor of Minnesota, finished his term. I’m with him on this one too.
He also says he sees little difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, and that decisions are all-too-often made in Washington, not on the basis of what is best for the nation – but based on what is best for the two parties. It’s a theme I often express during the show. So, again, we find ourselves to be kindred spirits.
None of this should come as news to anyone. Ventura has been vocal and consistent about his views on these issues. But he did create a bit of news when he said he might consider running for president. That’s news because, up-’til-then, Ventura had only said he’d consider running as Ron Paul’s vice-president if Paul should run for president as an independent.

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Barbara Erb said...

Jesse Ventura tells it aa he sees but also backs his claims up with facts, I would like to read his book. I dont agree that Sarah Palin wil be the GOP candidate for President in 2012. She is enjoying what she is doing right now. and her leaving the ofice of govenor of Alaska, is held against her. e need more people who are running for the people rather than speaking out for their party, just my opinion. Barbara Erb