Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding, Middle East refugees, Trump & Paul topics on News Talk Online

A wide range of topics were discussed on Tuesday's News Talk Online.

Correspondent Karen Kinsey reported on the latest about Friday's much-anticipated Royal Wedding, with details about security, not just for the public and the wedding party and attendees, but over the design of the dress that Kate Middleton will wear.

Correspondent Cassandra Wood reported on the influx of refugees to many European nations - people fleeing conflicts that have broken out in various Middle Eastern and African countries.

And Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Geoff Holtzman detailed Donald Trump's insistence on still discussing President Obama's place of birth, suggesting that Trump is simply seeking publicity and will never become a declared candidate for president. Holtzman also predicted that Republican maverick Congressman Ron Paul of Texas will, once again, throw his hat into the ring.

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