Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tired of the Japan disaster story?

Today’s headline on the Paltalk News Network, “Radioactive water leaking directly into ocean” inspired an interesting comment on my Facebook page.
“Sometimes you get to a point where you just don’t care anymore!”
Are we so overwhelmed with negative news that we don’t care that the Pacific Ocean is being radiated because of a leak at the wounded Japanese power plant?
Do we not care that thousands upon thousands of people are confirmed dead or still missing from the earthquake and tsunami that struck three weeks ago?
Do we not care that radiation continues to emit into the air and is being detected as far away as the East Coast of the United States?
Do we not care that we are killing the very home that is universal to us all? Not just with radiation leaking from a nuclear plant in Japan. But by polluting our air, our waterways, our groundwater and our soil?
When I was a teenager, I was an active member of the Boy Scouts. The greatest lesson that my scoutmaster, “Mr. T.” drilled into our impressionable minds was this:
“Leave the campground in better shape than you found it.”
Not, “Clean it up so it’s in the same shape it was when you arrived.”
In better shape.
We all die. And when we do, we leave this campground, this wonderful Earth that sustains life, for our children and future generations. Are we following Mr. T’s most important advice?
Not if, as the poster suggested, we no longer care.

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