Monday, April 11, 2011

Trump birther charges 'ludicrous'

I keep getting these alerts in my email and on Facebook asserting that Hawaii’s former health director is now outing President Obama as an American interloper.
You’d think the question of his place of birth would have evaporated after the chief justice of the Supreme Court administered the oath of office. But Donald Trump, who is considering a run for the Republican nomination for president, stoked the birther fires again when he took to the airwaves to claim that the president has failed to release a certified birth certificate.
It’s prompted the former Hawaii health boss, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, to grant a rare interview with MSNBC, in which he reiterates that Obama’s birth certificate is real, and that the allegations that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii is “kind of ludicrous at this point.”
The White House is sounding off on all this, saying that Trump’s birther allegations make him unelectable.

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