Friday, April 29, 2011

Trump the 'mother effing' presidential candidate

Potty mouthed Trump
Three times he dropped the “F Bomb.”
Three times, in a speech in Las Vegas. One where billionaire Donald Trump assured his supporters that he is seriously considering a run for president.
The debate about whether Trump is a viable candidate or just a publicity seeking attention whore is now over. It’s one thing when you think you’re off mic and you are inadvertently heard droping the F Bomb. It’s another when you’re doing it on purpose.
If he was a stand-up comedian, opening for some act on the Vegas strip, that would be different. But Trump is no opening act. Nor is he a closing act. He’s the act alright. A one-ring circus. That somehow feeds on a media frenzy that feeds on him.
Birther-in-chief and Obama academia credential checker Trump is now a problem for the Republican Party. A problem because, polls don’t see him as a marginalized figure. In fact, they see him as the leader of the possible GOP presidential nomination seeking pack.

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