Monday, May 2, 2011

Bush breaks post presidency silence after bin Laden's death

Bush started the hunt for bin Laden. Obama finished it
That’s how former President George W. Bush describes the killing of America’s public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden, by Navy Seals in an assault on a compound not far from Islamabad, Pakistan, Reuters is reporting.
The killing, while celebrated by Bush and his successor and many in the United States and elsewhere raises other questions.
What will happen to the leadership of al Qaeda? How will this affect other terrorist organizations? Will they feel vulnerable? Or will this spur them to conduct retaliatory strikes?
It also raises questions about the duplicitous nature of the Pakistan government, officially a partner in the war on terrorism, but all-too-often playing both sides of the street. The fact that bin Laden was so close to that nation’s capital, in a compound, and not in a cave along the Af-Pak border, is an indication that, in all likelihood, there were those in the government there who were aware of his location. And probably for a long time.
President Obama took care to say that, after the successful killing of bin Laden, he called Pakistan’s president and the two agreed that this was a good thing for both nations. But there is growing resentment in Pakistan over U.S. incursions there. Especially when drone attacks kill, not just terrorist targets, but civilians as well.
Clearly bin Laden was the public face of the evil that terrorism represents. But he was the face, not the body. Cutting off the head of terrorism does not kill this snake.
This doesn’t diminish the threat of terrorism. The world must remain vigilant. Probably for a long time to come.

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peace-lover said...

As a loyal American patriot, my first reaction to the reported death of Osama bin Laden is shame. I feel that the USA has no right to be killing anyone in the Middle East without first taking care of its own homegrown terrorists like President Bush and now President Obama who have violated the Constitution and international laws with the continuing occupation of Iraq, escalation of the wars in Afghanistan, the drone bombing of Libya and Pakistan and countless other illegalities such as rendition and torture.

As an American who talks to many people from all over the world, I find incredible acceptance and comraderie from people in 3rd world countries who often tell me: "At last, an American who thinks like us and understands it from our perspective."

While Americans rejoice over the death of Osama, I would hope they are ready now to demand the withdrawal of all troops from the Middle East, the monetary compensation owed Iraq, Afghanistan and all the countless people made homeless, orhpaned, or causes loss of limb, mind, etc. by these horrible unjust and illegal wars which the United States has lead NATO.