Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latest on aftermath of OBL raid discussed on News Talk Online

Why the United States hit Osama bin Laden’s hideout when it did, and the fallout that followed, was the topic of Friday’s News Talk Online.
Guest Danny Schechter asked why, if the U.S. was aware for sometime that bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, the attack took place last Sunday. And he was critical of the news media for covering how the raid took place rather than the reasons behind it.
Correspondent Tarin Navid joined from Pakistan to tell us about how the failure of the government there to capture bin Laden when he was, literally, under the nose of those at the country’s military academy, is being viewed.
And Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Victoria Jones chimed in with details that are now known and how the killing of bin Laden is being played on Capitol Hill.

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