Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rick Perry's possible presidential run, Pakistan relations, topics on News Talk Online

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is now hinting at a GOP presidential bid
Texas Governor Rick Perry is sending up trial balloons, saying he may run for the GOP nomination for president of the Untied States. But Perry governs a state where a significant number of people are at least talking secession, and he’s given lip service to the idea. How, asks commentator Jonathan Wolfman, can one reconcile a run for the presidency with that?
Wolfman also commented on Friday’s show about South Carolina’s education chief opting his state’s public schools out of a federal contest that could net them millions of dollars, saying that to take that money from the Obama administration would be like taking “30 pieces of silver.”
We also extensively discussed the love-hate relationship of necessity and convenience between the United States and a Pakistan that seems to be on both sides of the terrorism line and the flip-flopping Democrats who, when George W. Bush was president, opposed but now support the Patriot Act.

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