Sunday, June 19, 2011

$17 billion U.S. sent Iraq is MIA but no sex scandal is involved here

Shock and awe: the bombing of Baghdad
Hopefully they’ll have a better job finding the money than the WMDs that caused the U.S.-led coalition to invade Iraq.
Some $17 million the U.S. sent Iraq to pay for reconstruction after its bombs decimated the nation in a successful military war designed to bring down Saddam Hussein is missing. But Baghdad is claiming that the money was stolen by the United States.
Iraq had filed a claim with the United Nations, but the UN says it can’t investigate this allegation.
All of this is quite confusing. Apparently what is being alleged here is that the U.S. gave Iraq the money. And then the U.S. taketh it away. But nobody, it seems, is interested in tracking it down.
Whoever is responsible for the money having gone missing – it’s obviously – given the amount of money that’s unaccounted – a case of monumental corruption. But it’s not a story we’ll find on the front pages of U.S. newspapers or dominating newscasts and news talk programs. Because – after all – it’s only money. And there’s no sexual impropriety that’s being alleged here.

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